“Umm… gorgeous!” Anahi pulls down her knickers, so her pubic hair can be seen by Elisa moving aside her hands. Using a moan of satisfaction, Elisa leans back to completely take in the sight of her naked companion: her honest eyes, the pink of her vulva along with the hang of her breasts, which gives off her buttocks! “Whats the strangest location youve ever masturbated?” Elisas fascination leads Anahis skin as they talk, flushing slightly, to some coughing, both girls clearly eager to learn more. Anahi lets her wrists open and close as they speak, offering small flashes between her thighs. They sit in their own panties, polka dots versus hubs. Hand traces down Anahis hair that is long tugging away her bra, freeing her breasts. Pulling aside in their kissing, they repay to watch each other masturbate.