“Did you come?” Mirai reacts to Beatrixs tongue like a lady, nuzzling up to her body as she begs mouth her lips and breasts. Lying on the bed, Mirais hands part her hair while Beatrix nibbles on her curvaceous body, so she can rub her sensitive clit. “Take one off piece of clothes!” Mirai giggles in delight as she pulls out a slip of paper which educates Beatrix to remove the other item of clothes – three in a row so far! As Beatrix pulls up her cotton bra over her head her amazing breasts shed in to perspective. “I want to warm up my hands, maybe I can set them underneath your buttocks” Mirai gives a shout as Beatrixs hands slide under her butt, wiggling around, and flushing behind her glasses. Pulling Mirai back so she’s resting on her chest, her fingers tease up her wrists, making her moan. In order that they every can massage the others hands, holding hands, Beatrix and Mirai begin to turn their heads. “You can touch my breasts if you want?”