My organization is currently taking off and I & severe; m interviewing daily. Today&severe job candidate is the exceptionally capable Latina Chi Chi Medina. We initiate the interview process in my sofa and the hot executive looks distracted. I catch her glimpsing through the initial questions at her BlackBerry. She doesn´I hear her mobile phone beeping and t appear to grasp my questions. I start to get annoyed and that I inform the girl that is satin clad that is sexy to concentrate on the interview along with me. She really has the gall to put her finger up and tell me to hold on a minute while she answers into some text!!!! What is it with those 20 year old junior executives?? I catch her slender arms behind her binding her elbows and see red. I leave her wrists untied and push her down on the ground. Young bitch – I´ll show you who is in charge. I toss her precious BlackBerry from her reach and ChiChi&severe;s eyes widen. Her telephone is chirping off and she panics she is &severe;t find the messages she is missing. Joined at the hip at all times, ChiChi beings to freak out. I blend her legs and take control of her stiletto heels. I straddle the thing taunting her from placing her phone up to her face. Awwww look at of the missed messages darlin&severe; What exactly are you going to do today I finish off her in a tight rear decorated hogtie and kick on the phone further away. Her arms flail and she attempts to grab me. I laugh as I put in layer upon layer of vet wrap round her head securing the packing in and push a white rag to her big mouth. Able to speak ChiChi moans and grunts . I tape up her fingers with black electrical tape leaving a criticism to text!!! to her Never state severe, I &;m not a reasonable company. What can you do missy? I place her telephone a few feet away from her body and observe while she rolls and struggles in a desperate effort to retrieve her precious phone. I laugh at how frenzied ChiChi becomes inching closer and closer and simply not able to catch the phone with her hands. Since the mobile phone slips out of her bound hands she screams in frustration. Well sweetie, if you call for help and severe; re educated and enough to reach your phone I’ll engage you