Im feeling in a mood, so I have resolved to play with a toy golf club. Im wearing a very cute socks and My Little Pony t-shirt, and wrapped tight around my bum I have on an extremely DC Amor diaper. I place my small flag and walk around to practice my groove. The golf putter is extremely brief, and I have to bend down low in order to attain the ball. This lets me appreciate the diaper’s soaked sensation, and really provides a view of my bum. Ive noticed golfers wiggle their bums when they’re getting prepared to have a shot, so I do exactly the same, but in my own case, its only because I really like the crinkling noise that the DC Amor creates as I squirm around in it:-RRB- I’ve loads of goes trying to find the ball to the flag hole, and therefore are really not so great. But Im having a lot of fun I care. They say that practice makes perfect, so Id try again soon. Besides, it will be an excuse to play my DC Amor back again. If golfers played diapers, I think Id like to turn pro )