Ron is a fitness expert. He has been reluctant to perform a solo video because he just wanted to play a girl and really is right and is interested in getting into the adult business. He kept saying that he had a customer appointment he needed to get to but I got him to remain and we waited for a while. I advised him I had been in adult movies myself and it had no big deal.I guess he finally decided that I was OK because he called and cancelled his appointment and went ahead and got naked for my camera. Lucky thing, too, since he’s got a wonderful body and a nice hairy chest.He was sort of bashful at first about how exactly to make of me and the cam. But as the shoot went on, he awakened. After he dumped his load onto a desk, he also had a large smile on his head. It was really did something a bit different. After that he was finished, he took a shower and went. I left the second camera operating (covertly ) so you can see what happens following a shoot. Listen to what he says about being a trainer… its really funny!