Welcome to the the second round of the Summer Vengeance Tournament!

The top 16 wrestlers fight it out in elimination! ISIS LOVEThe GoddessHT: 5’6WT: 125lbsSeason album (5-0)Ranked 7thRAIN DEGREYPoisonHT: 5’9WT: 124lbsSeason record (1-4)Ranked 13thIsis has had one of the most adorable wrestling seasons thus far. Five games and within the previous year seven in Tag team. Isis has competed in during her career over 40 matches. In the past trauma has shrunk her Summer Vengeance bid, but this year she’s stayed healthy.Rain is the newest kid on the mat. She is strong, tall and motivated to win. In her hurry to do well she can come off as a bit of a bully. Her competitive crime can be quit brutal at times. When she learns more technique she is going to be dangerous.Isis showed us why she is in the Ultimate Surrender Hall of Fame. She awakened when she assaulted when it was time and had to. She schooled the rookie on and off. Isis even obtained in a terrific entry merely to remind Rain who is the boss.Round four was brutal, Rain obtained sexually ruined on the mat. Rain pussy was fucked and fisted by isis. Several and squirting challenging mind shattering orgasms were ripped from the crushed body of Rain. Not satisfied with fisting her, Isis fucked Rain’s buttocks . This Round 4 will probably return as one of the very best of all times!