PHOTO GALLERY SLIDESHOW FROM THIS MOVIE: Miss Alyssah includes a unique toy: a dwelling BDSM Doll (Trisha Uptown) that she chooses out to perform when she desires! She discovers her dolly bound securely for her bed as she left her. She arrives and informs me that a drama date expects. After a sensual bathing while leaping, resulting in a orgasm, Alyssah begs her for Doll Play by dressing her, and applying makeup that is rouge later rolling her down nozzle. Correctly prepared, our dolly hammered finish with ballet point boots and is brought to the dungeon. Miss Alyssah takes full benefit of her position as puppet master and literally pulls on the strings, making her dolly dance, and flex her will. Alyssah is really delighted with her diligent functionality her doll has been rewarded with a stunning orgasm. High performance art meets with extreme BDSM eroticism!